Procedure working

Procedures of gas piping work in Vietnam.


1. Discussion of basic with client

  • Location of user (address and plot plan drawing).
  • What kind of gas (LPG/CNG/O2/CO2/N2/AR/H2/NH3…)
  • Using equipment (boiler/cooking/furnace…).
  • Capacity (kg/hr. M3/hr.)
  • Required Pressure.
  • Required Delivery
  • Others


2. Propose basic design to client

  • Capacity of equipment’s. (Storage tank/ vaporizer/regulator/consumption of utility...)
  • PID (Piping and Instrument Drawing)
  • Basic plan (safety distance, by the regulation of Vietnam rule).
  • Estimate price for construction
  • Draft schedule


3. Contract or MOU


4. Detail design for construction and for FF permit drawing /documents


  • Drawing ;   

Plot plan

Piping plan


Iso-metric drawing

Lightning rod system/ Ground Earthing/ Hydrants schedule. –for FF permit.

Main Equipment drawings (Tank. Vaporizer. Mixer…..)

  • Documents.

Schedule / specification of materials/


5. Submit the require permit for construction to FF Police department


6. Prepare work.

  • Import materials and start to product the storage tank
  • Checking the site condition ( electric. Water. Civil work. location for site office ,,,)
  • Worker permit by client. Temporary living house. …


7. Start work after received the Permit of construction from FF Police department.


8. Inspected by inspection company (SITE II or others)

  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic pressure test (decide by FF)
  • Vaporizer, pressure gauge, safety relief , Earthing, welding point. Etc .
  • Make a report by inspection company . 


9. Self-test all system 

   Leak test all piping and equipment by nitrogen and soap.

  • Test operating each part (vaporizer, gas leak detector, control panel. Level gauge. Pump.

Hydrants of fire fighting. Spray water system.


10. Submit the require of permit to use gas from FF Police Dep.

  • Require doc with inspection report and final as built drawings


11. Operating test and operate training & hand over


  • Operating manual
  • Daily/monthly/annually check list
  • Maintenance manual
  • As built drawings


  • Loading the gas to tank
  • Set pressure the regulator
  • Vaporizer operating



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